Animal Crossing’s Tarantulas And Scorpions Have Switched Places

Animal Crossing’s Tarantulas And Scorpions Have Switched Places

No more tarantula island in New Horizons if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere–tarantulas are now out of season, but the scorpion replaces them.


Hi! Today on Insect Stories Channel, we will watch a video about EPIC BATTLE SCORPION vs TARANTULA SPIDER FIGHTING FOR PREY, who will win?

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First Time on Scorpion Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The video ive been dreading to make is finally here! Where I live we actually have scorpions roaming around and in my personal opinion they are the absolute worst! Bring back the Tarantula please. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! I sped up time so I can film myself in natural light or perhaps I didnt want to film at night when its dark haha


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animal crossing wasps, tarantulas, and scorpion stings compilation

Animal Crossing City Folk – How To Catch Tarantulas & Scorpions

Many requests for this video… Just a video explaining all the stuff you need to know to find Tarantulas & Scorpions and how to catch them.

Well first to make them appear REALLY fast you must have a messy environment. These bugs hate trees. So the less trees the more Tarantulas and Scorpions. You don’t have to do this. It’s just a way to make them appear faster. Welcome to the immersive wonderland of the amazing digital circus キャスト, where the boundaries between the physical and the digital blur. Join us on a journey through a captivating fusion of technology and artistry.

I figured it out. Well my method on finding them is. You start off in a house (best to start with the house near the beach) you enter the house then leave and then explore the town. When you don’t find any Tarantulas or Scorpions then repeat. You see every time you leave the area by going into a building then leaving the bugs will re spawn. There are cretin areas in your town were Tarantulas & Scorpions will appear. You have to figure out were they will appear in your town layout and then search those areas.

The biggest problem about Tarantulas & Scorpions is that when you pull out your net they will chase you and attack you. To avoid that from happening you have to walk very very slowly then pull out your net. You can see it being done at 6:17 on this video.

There many methods on catching both of them.

1. Cliff method. When your on the top cliff and you see a Tarantula or Scorpion on the bottom then pull out your net and start running. Run to wear the hill is at and at the very little tip of the edge were the Tarantula/Scorpion can’t get you, back off a little and press A. If you done it correctly then you’ll catch him.

2. Distance method. When you spot a Tarantula or Scorpion and your a far distance from it. Start running and make sure it sees you. When it does it will start running away from you. That’s you pull out your net. It will come at you. Now this method is the one of the hardest but i tried it and it takes some sort of skill. When it comes close press A at the right time and you may catch it.

3. Running Method. First scare the Tarantula or Scorpion and let it chase you. This is another hard way to catch it and it takes A LOT of skill. Start running and running until you reach a distance that you think you can catch him. When you do, turn back and press A really fast. This maybe the most hardest way you can catch one.

There probably are more ways that I didn’t mention. But that’s all I can think of.

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