Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden Cheats For Super Nintendo

Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden Cheats For Super Nintendo

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DRAGON BALLZ super butouden 3 hacked NES walkthrough

Really just tried having fun this time instead of having a competitive gameplay. Have many memories with this game, my brother always used Vegeta and I always used Goku.
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dbz super butouden 3/Ultime menace – como fazer os powerups

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Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden Complete Walkthrough (HD) 60fps

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2:33 Piccolo
4:18 Vegeta
7:11 Frieza
9:01 Dr. Gero
11:43 Android 18
13:52 Cell
17:10 Android 16
20:24 Trunks
23:47 Gohan
28:40 Perfect Cell
32:44 FINAL BATTLE。サタン登場?!
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SNES – Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 Cheats

To unlock Trunks use Up X Down B L Y R A during the opening (Goku and Vegeta fading face screen), you will hear a sound like a slash. (This works on DBZ super Boutoden 2 too). Next, while the characters speak before the battle, enter this code: Down X Up R. Your character will be powered up.