Top Valorant Rank Gets A New Name

Top Valorant Rank Gets A New Name

Valorant’s ranked system is almost here and with the tease of patch 1.02 comes the reveal of Competitive’s new top rank.


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NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents Tier List For Low Ranks! – Valorant

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Preface
1:16 S Tier
3:53 A Tier
6:26 B Tier
8:53 C Tier
10:08 Outro

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Everything About The Ranked System – Valorant

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In this video I talk about the ranked system in Valorant. With some valorant tips and tricks on how you can escape every elo in valorant.


Check out our latest video from NRG VALORANT where we had the new NRG VALORANT Roster play EVERY Rank in VALORANT from a 1v5 vs Bronzes all the way to a 5v5 vs a team of Radiant’s! Could they beat every rank in VALORANT? Please like, comment, and subscribe for more amazing content.

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