Xbox One Dragon Age: Inquisition Demo Available Now

Xbox One Dragon Age: Inquisition Demo Available Now

Anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership can play a six-hour demo for BioWare’s latest open-world RPG.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Review

With the entertaining and thematically rich Inquisition, the Dragon Age series returns to its former glory.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition | Xbox Series X (Auto HDR/Upscaled 4K)

Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox Series X with FPS Boost!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is not Xbox One X or Xbox Series X enhanced. It’s being upscaled to 4K by the console in this video. It does make use of the auto HDR feature though.


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Game Description

When the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition. You are the Inquisitor, tasked with saving the world from itself. But the road ahead is paved with difficult decisions. Thedas is a land of strife. Factions constantly war with each other even as a larger demonic invasion has begun. And you? You and your band of champions are the only ones who can hold it together. It’s your job to lead them…or fall. Get ready to stack blocks and clear lines in Classic Tetris Nintendo online.

Dragon Age: Inquisition DEMO with Heart – Xbox One – 1 / 12

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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Live Demo Gameplay

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