Gelugon_baat’s Review of Oxygen Not Included

Gelugon_baat’s Review of Oxygen Not Included

Gelugon_baat’s Review of Oxygen Not Included. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own!

Oxygen Not Included – Tutorial Bites Power- Generation

This tutorial bite for Oxygen Not Included covers all of the types of power generation in the game, as well as how to use them.

Tutorial Bite for Oil Wells:
Tutorial Bite for Wild Farming:
Tutorial Bite for Petroleum Boilers:
Tutorial Bite for Meteor Showers:
Tutorial Bite for Sour Gas Boilers:
Tutorial Bite for Geothermal Power:
Tutorial Bite for Rocket Tunnels:

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Manual Generators
0:38 – Coal Generators
1:17 – Smart Batteries
2:33 – Prioritizing generators with Smart Batteries
3:21 – Power in the Colony Report
3:44 – Wood Burners
4:10 – Lumber & Arbor Trees
4:38 – Petroleum Generators
5:14 – Making Petroleum
5:48 – Natural Gas Generators
7:00 – Hydrogen Generators
7:45 – Solar Panels
8:34 – Steam Turbines
10:03 – Generator Summary
10:24 – Power Control Stations & The Tune-Up Buff
10:49 – Outro

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Oxygen Not Included – Tutorial Bites – Industrial Bricks

This tutorial bite for Oxygen Not Included looks at industrial bricks, their advantages and how to design them.

Petroleum Boilers Tutorial Bite:

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Industrial Brick basics & benefits
0:49 – Cold Industrial Bricks
2:15 – Hot Industrial Bricks
4:12 – Hot Industrial Bricks adding water
5:20 – Mixed Hot Industrial Bricks
7:16 – Outro

Heating – Tutorial Bites:

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Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! DLC – Early Access Gameplay Trailer

Brace yourselves, a brand new Oxygen Not Included DLC has just landed in Early Access! Available now on Steam:

The Duplicants are back again, and this time they’re ready to rebuild their colonies from the mysterious remains of a planet torn asunder!

In Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! you’ll spearhead space missions to new and undiscovered Planetoids, transport resources between bases, and manage multiple worlds on the fly to build a megacolony that not only survives, but hopefully, thrives. Click to dominate the city in!

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Geotuners were broken! – Oxygen Not Included – Beta Testing

This video for Oxygen Not Included is a detailed look at the new geotuner building, currently in the testing branch. I go through the numbers behind the building, and why it was so broken on first release.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Geotuner basics
1:35 – Full Geotuner numbers
2:16 – Geyser changes
3:40 – Leaky Petroleum Fissure?
4:26 – Maximum temperature Volcanoes [Patched]
4:45 – Melting metals
5:26 – Why the Geotuner was so broken
7:17 – Thermium overheating limited Salt Water Geyser (955°C) [Patched]
8:09 – Wolframite melting limited Salt Water Geyser (2895°C) [Patched]
9:45 – Outro

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