Arms Review

Arms Review

Arms’ unique take on fighting can be hard to adjust to, but once you do, it’s a surprisingly deep fighter that has you thinking on your feet.

Arms Review

We don’t get a lot of new series’ from Nintendo, so whenever one comes along there’s a bit of excitement. Arms is the latest new IP from video games’ constant, but Colm’s not sure if it’ll have the legs its stablemates have had.

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ARMS | The Completionist

ARMS is a Nintendo fighting game with a twist, or rather a spring. Box your opponents with coiled ARMS and become the champion!


About The Game: Arms is a fighting game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, released worldwide on June 16, 2017. The game differentiates itself from standard fighting games as up to four players can choose a fighter and battle using a variety of extendable arms to knock out opponents in a three-dimensional arena. Play Squid Games online and test your skills in this deadly game.

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ARMS | The Completionist

Century Arms American Made BFT47 Review

We take the new Century Arms American made BFT47 to the range, test its accuracy, go over the features of it, and what I think of it overall ����

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ARMS Review | What’s It Worth in 2022?

ARMS Review | What’s It Worth in 2022?
Wondering what doom eternal is worth? Wondering if its worth your hard earned cash? Never fear, in this review I will go over what Arms is worth in 2022!

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